Friday, 27 June 2014

A Friendless Shadow

Souls drifting like friendless shadows
too busy to stop, listen and believe.
It is easy to say: ‘‘oh, him, he is challenging!’’
Try living his life
even for a day.
You will fall flat, at least twice
with no strength to rise.
Terms are easy, my friend.
Learning Disability,
Autism and Asperger's,
and another, and another...
No end whatsoever.
Stop, listen and believe in him.
Be not like the soul that drifts like
a friendless shadow.

By Vinesh Kumar 

Shut up

I hear them now and again
as they play, fight, and play
‘’Shut up,’’ I say.
‘’He doesn’t play,’’ I hear them say.
They play, fight, and play
till I start, again.

By Vinesh Kumar

Joys and Sorrows

One morn, I gaze her eyes and she, mine               
It was a dream, I later realise.                                   
She doth speak sweet, but terse, mine.                   
Who I ask casts this cosmic dice?
My joys and her sorrows, ours, now                
This we pledge to each other as a vow.         
In the midst of roses I kiss and bow                      
and rest in her bosom, pale and heavy           
We hem, haw… sweet nothings, they say
With hips closer, I kiss again, but her lips          
treating her reprimands as funny                           
for I intend to carry our show for keeps.                
  Like this we live and fear not, now and ever                     
  for any tempest that might cross our dream.

 By Vinesh Kumar