Saturday, 5 December 2015

Mo defied existence?

Where did you learn, my dear friend?
Absurd, Woefully absurd:
Your thoughts.

Was it your
or your little
Playing by that corridor?
Or that boy down the road
Who corrupted your mind?

Ok, then, tell me that it is that Man, posing majestically
In the remnants of what used to be a poster yesterday,
On the walls of that alleyway, who they call:
The Saviour
In this part of the world.

Don’t blame the Holy Cow.
It is not its fault it is on a paper-diet.

You are in this land of immense Wealth;
I am not talking about Money.

Wealth of what?
Why ask me?

You are in this land of Great History;
I am not talking about Wars;
Some won and some lost.

How foolish of you to take yourself  too important;
Your energy is no different from that of the rock, yes, the one
Round and rugged,
On top of that hillock.

The stream is beautiful;
Small and serene.
Oh yes, you cannot see all of it, I am sorry, my dear friend:
Lazy eyes and hazy horizon.

My eyes are as clear as the untouched stream.

Well, I cannot but laugh and ask:
Is it then your heart that is murky?

Cleanse it with a drop of 

Forever. Cured. 

Jai Hind.